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[The Invisible People Series] Aunty Goes Home
[The Invisible People Series] Aunty Goes Home
[The Invisible People Series] Aunty Goes Home
[The Invisible People Series] Aunty Goes Home

[The Invisible People Series] Aunty Goes Home

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Have you had to say goodbye to a good friend or close family member?

Farewells are difficult, even more so for a young child. Follow this little girl on her journey, as she says goodbye to someone precious - the family helper, also her aunty. Not goodbye, but see you again.


This book was written as an application of findings done for an Urban Studies school project. The project’s aim was to uncover the treatment of Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) in Singapore. It involved home interviews, statistical research and visits to popular weekend hangouts including Peninsular Plaza and Lucky Plaza.

While there are ample horror stories of abusive employers and sinister maids, do we talk enough about successful relationships? Decade-long friendships and more? Aunty Goes Home was penned to demonstrate the boundless potential for mutual growth and respect, but more importantly it is based on five real Singaporean employers and their FDWs.

This new edition has added pages that help a child know Aunty better by interviewing her and learning her language.


About The Invisible People Series 

The Invisible People series is a tribute to some special people who hold very special jobs. Those who grow up with us, build our homes and even those whom we see every single day without fail. Yet, we may not treat them like they are a part of our lives. Let us get to know these Invisible People better and together make them visible by waving help or even saying a simple ‘thank you’ to them today.

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  • The Bus Driver
  • The Night Shift
  • Aunty Postman
  • Ah Gong's Uniform

About the Author

Ames is married to her childhood friend Jonathan and they currently have two children. She initially started writing to alleviate cabin fever after converting to stay-home mum status and found her passion in storytelling. She taught English and History for several years, before travelling to train students in leadership and communication skills, both in Singapore and parts of Southeast Asia.

About the Illustrator

Jayl is a multi-disciplinary designer based in Singapore. She has been actively freelancing for 5 years now, mainly working on branding projects that help small busineses with their design needs. Her main passion still lies in illustration, with anything revolving around hand lettered type to illustrating books to murals. She dreams of travelling the world to paint murals one day.