Children's Day Gift Ideas!

Sticky Situations!

Learn how God’s Word helps us get unstuck when life’s situations get sticky!

You will find here 12 Sticky Situations - scenarios that we may find ourselves in and we have to make a difficult decision! Each scenario comes with 4 decisions that the main character in the story can choose to make. But which is the best one? And why can't the other 3 work? How did I come to my final decision?

Now, that's what we hope you and your family can have a discussion!

Each Sticky Situation are paired with weekly devotionals that you can find on our social media. They are written by esteemed local pastors, ministry leaders and specialists who have a burden and heart for the children and families.

This series taken from our 2024 Family Devotional Wall Planner. If you would purchase a set, feel free to do so here!

Before we start, here are some tips to help your discussion more fruitful.



Now, let's get started!


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