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Why We Exist

The 2018 Whole Life Inventory, a survey of over 10,000 Christian respondents in Singapore conducted by Focus on the Family Singapore, found that:
In other words, out of every 10 Christian households, fewer than 2 have regular family devotion times, and fewer than 3 pray together. When we consider that a child's worldview is largely set in place by the time they are 9 years old, these are alarming statistics indeed. Increasingly, we are seeing a large number of second and third-generation Christian youth and young adults fall away from the faith, because they lack a strong spiritual foundation that can only be built at home, and from young - through intentional parent-child discipling and positive role-modeling.

The Treasure Box was started in response to the burden that God laid on our hearts for Christian families, and to plug the gaps in the area of faith at home in the Singaporean context.