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Songs for a Season (Elvin and Esther Foong)
Songs for a Season (Elvin and Esther Foong)
Songs for a Season (Elvin and Esther Foong)
Songs for a Season (Elvin and Esther Foong)
Songs for a Season (Elvin and Esther Foong)

Songs for a Season (Elvin and Esther Foong)

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[Not available at Bukit Timah Plaza]

“Songs For A Season” is the debut project from a husband and wife songwriting duo - Elvin and Esther Foong. The 7 songs on the album were born out of a season of challenge and transition, and covers 2 key themes: Faith and Family. It is their hope that this album will serve as a powerful reminder to themselves and to others that even through the toughest seasons, a song can rise that will bring meaning to the struggle, and that light always triumphs over darkness.

Track Listing:
1. Glorified (Awake My Soul)
2. The Burning Edge of the Shadow (feat. Sabrina-Grace Ng)
3. 幸福很简单 (Happiness is Simple)
4. Hand in Mine
5. 呼唤后的相遇 (The Encounter)
6. Praise Remains
7. 给宝贝的歌 (A Song For My Darling)

In a world that's inundated with bad news, and where even the arts and entertainment have become increasingly dark and grim, this album brings a breath of fresh air and a pop of sunshine. Despite being borne out of challenging circumstances, the songs on this album focus on the hope that knowing God and having family brings.

Stylistically, there's something for everyone here: from the synth-pop trimmings of "Burning Edge of the Shadow", to the country/folksy brightness of "Praise Remains"; from the earnest Mandopop trills of "The Encounter" to the heartwarming strings arrangement in "A Song For My Darling" - the music is dressed to appeal. But more importantly, the message of hope, joy and love is universal, and we are believing for hearts to be touched and lives to be changed just from listening to these songs.

The album bundle comes with:
(1) A limited edition drawstring bag
(2) Exquisite wooden 8GB thumb drive pre-loaded with the album
(3) Specially-designed Listening Journal - includes lyrics, song stories and reflection questions

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