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My Prayer for Mum (Blue)
My Prayer for Mum (Blue)

My Prayer for Mum (Blue)

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Hey children! Do you know our parents need us to pray for them too?

Praying for others reflects God’s own character of outgoing love and mercy. God wants us to think like He does, and praying for others helps us to think beyond ourselves and to grow in compassion and empathy for others. Praying for others is an unselfish expression of love.

In the book of John (chapter 13 to 17), Jesus did not just focus on Himself, even though He knew He was going to die on the cross, He looked out for others and observed their needs, especially His disciples and followers. Through His prayers to His Father, we can see how Jesus' heart was for His disciples to receive love, unity and power to keep going.

Exodus 20:12 is a familiar verse where God commands us to honour our parents. We often interpret this to mean obeying them and showing them respect. But to truly honour someone is to hold them in higher esteem than ourselves - and one way that we can do so is by praying for them! When we pray for someone else, we place their needs and their well-being above our own. In so doing, we give them a place of honour and importance in our lives.

So let's honour mum this Mother's Day by lifting her up in prayer. Let's thank God for the gift of our mums, and ask for His provision, protection, power, peace and purpose to be supplied to her on this special day and in the days to come!


The Treasure Box Singapore has specially designed "My Prayer For Mum" cards that you and I (and adults alike) can use to write a simple prayer for our mum. In the polaroid photo, we draw our mum and us!

You can download the templates for free below. 3 different colours to choose from! Let's start by first thinking which colour our mum will like! :)


We have prepared a little gift for the mothers! For every “Dear Child: My Letters For You” journal purchased, we will be giving away a beautiful mask strap in a draw string organza bag.

Grab a copy here!

Happy Mother's Day! :)