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I Have A Question!

"I Have A Question!" is a series of short videos aimed at answering questions that kids might have about God and Christianity. The questions that we have received have been interesting, like why do we have to close our eyes when we pray; if we don't end our prayer with "amen", will God still hear us; if God is so rich, why do we still need to give money to church, etc.

We feel that giving space for children (or any christian) to ask questions is important. The best doubt distinguisher is really to find the answers when we are in doubt, confused or wish to know more. Finding the answers to our questions and the questions that others may ask us, help us grow in our faith.

Keep asking, keep growing!!

Find out more about how this series was birthed and how it can be a useful resource for children and adults alike!

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Click on the following links to find out more about each questions. :)

Episode 1: Why do we pray in Jesus' name?

Episode 2: Why do we say "Amen" when we pray?