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Father's Day Printable - This Is My Dad
Father's Day Printable - This Is My Dad

Father's Day Printable - This Is My Dad

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After speaking to some fathers, it is unanimously agreed that fathers like it when their children are proud of them - "Hey, this is my dad!"

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we have designed a special printable that will enable the father and child to know each other better. In this activity sheet, the child will be filling it in with what they have observed about their father and how he makes the child feel most loved.

You can also personalise it with your favourite stickers, drawings and even photographs. To make it even more fun, have everyone in the family fill in their own activity sheets. This way, dad will have a special collection of everyone’s favourite memories of him!

Simply download and print our free “This Is My Dad” activity sheet, and fill it in with the information and make it nice. You can pair it with a cup of dad's favourite drink (e.g. coffee) and leave it on the table on Father's Day morning!

Let’s show dad how dear he is to us, and how his words and actions make us feel safe and strong during this time.

Do share the special moment of dad and you holding the printout, with us by tagging us on social media or emailing us your story. We would love to hear from you. :)

Hop over to our YouTube channel and play our Father's Day GAMESHOW "How Well Do You Know Dad"!

Team TTB wishes all dads a very happy Father's Day! 💕


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